Pellets Or Corn? Trying To Decide Which To Use In Your Heating Stove By Comparing Materials

28 September 2018
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Pellet and corn stoves are extremely efficient at keeping spaces in your home warm. In fact, if you have open concept spacing from your living room to your kitchen, a pellet stove or corn stove can heat those areas all by itself.  Yet, which should you choose? Which is more economical? Which type of fuel is easier to acquire? The following article will answer your questions. Corn Stoves Corn stoves are made almost the same way as pellet stoves. Read More …

What’s The Best Way To Hide Cords With Electronic Wall Fixtures?

20 April 2018
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From wall-mounted televisions and audio systems to electronic smart-home devices, there are all kinds of things you may need to attach to a wall in your modern home. While all these electronic gadgets sure are cool, they come along with one sneaky little problem: you have to find a way to conceal unsightly electrical cords and wires. If you have way too many power cords and wires dangling across the walls in your home, you're probably feeling a little tangled up and frustrated. Read More …

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