What's The Best Way To Hide Cords With Electronic Wall Fixtures?

What's The Best Way To Hide Cords With Electronic Wall Fixtures?

20 April 2018
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From wall-mounted televisions and audio systems to electronic smart-home devices, there are all kinds of things you may need to attach to a wall in your modern home. While all these electronic gadgets sure are cool, they come along with one sneaky little problem: you have to find a way to conceal unsightly electrical cords and wires. If you have way too many power cords and wires dangling across the walls in your home, you're probably feeling a little tangled up and frustrated. Here are a few creative ways to hide cords belonging to those electronic wall fixtures in your home. 

Conceal cords with cord covers that are paintable

Cord covers can be purchased just about anywhere, but you don't necessarily have to purchase cord covers. You can pick up a thin piece of PVC pipe and achieve the same thing. The idea here is that you will slip the cord or wires through the pipe, attach the pipe to the wall, and then paint the pipe the same color as your wall, so it is less conspicuous. You may still be able to see the pipe, but it will not be as visually detectable as cords that are a dramatically contrasting color from the wall itself. 

Route power cords through the wall instead of leaving them dangling

If you own your own home and don't mind a little drywall repair when you move the fixture, you can feed power cords through a small hole drilled into the drywall and down to an outlet. To achieve this, you will need to drill out a hole large enough for the cord to slip through in the drywall behind where the device will be hung. You will also need a second hole for the cord to come out of near the outlet. 

Hide the cords behind creatively placed shelves and furniture

By placing a piece of furniture right under an electronic wall fixture, you can sometimes conceal almost all of the cord, so it is practically impossible to see. For example, if you have a wall-mounted speaker, you could put a shelf just under it and use binder clips or cord clips in behind the shelf to secure the wiring in a way that it is mostly out of sight. If there is a small section of wiring still showing, set up a knick-knack or decorative object right in front of that visible wire, so it is no longer visible.

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