3 Benefits Of All-In-One Drum Unit And Toner Cartridges

3 Benefits Of All-In-One Drum Unit And Toner Cartridges

17 November 2021
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Printing is something that modern employees do on a daily basis. Whether you are printing in-house memos for a staff meeting or creating correspondence for your customers, you want your printed images to be clear and easy to read.

The way that your printer is set up can have a direct impact on print quality. Printers equipped with an all-in-one drum unit and toner cartridge can offer a wide range of benefits that printers with separate drum units and toner cartridges cannot.

1. Streamline Printer Maintenance

All office equipment must be properly maintained to function efficiently. This is especially true for equipment that sees a lot of use. Since a printer is one piece of equipment that is used on a daily basis, it's critical that you create a maintenance schedule for the machine.

If you purchase a printer that comes with an all-in-one drum unit and toner cartridge, you can streamline your maintenance program. There is no need to schedule the replacement of the drum unit and toner cartridge at separate times with an all-in-one model.

Each time you replace the toner, a new drum is also installed, which reduces the amount of maintenance you must perform to keep your printer working properly.

2. Improve Print Quality

Offices that place a high value on the quality of their printed documents should rely on printers that are equipped with all-in-one drum units and toner cartridges. The design of these all-in-one units requires that both the toner and drum unit be replaced simultaneously.

The drum unit is responsible for creating the electrostatic charge that fuses the toner to the paper in order to create permanent images. Since you will always have a fresh drum unit whenever you change out your toner cartridge, the all-in-one model allows you to maintain better print quality over time.

3. Avoid Human Error

A loss of printing capabilities in your office could be catastrophic. Most office workers are not experts when it comes to the electronic equipment they handle each day.

While your workers may know how to use a printer effectively, they may not be well-versed in the art of maintaining that same printer.

By choosing a printer with an all-in-one drum unit and toner cartridge, you make it simple for workers to troubleshoot issues with print quality. This reduces the potential for human error that could leave your office without the use of its printer.

For more information on printer cartridges, such as the Xerox premium drum unit toner cartridge, contact a supplier in your area.

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