4 Different Types Of Women's Sex Toys

4 Different Types Of Women's Sex Toys

18 October 2021
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If you want to get a little help in the bedroom, working with sex toys is a great way to enhance your pleasure. Sex toys can be used solo, or they can be used with a partner. The sex toy industry is very large, with many different types of toys on the market for your pleasure. Here are just a few of the top types of toys you can purchase to enhance your pleasure.

1. External Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral vibrators are designed for the external stimulation of your clitoris. They are made to hit the little spot that is located on the apex of your labia. For many women, the simulation of their clitoris helps them orgasm, as that small little external spot is filled with lots of nerve endings. This type of toy can be used for solo pleasure, or you can hold it to your clitoris when having penetrative sex with a partner, helping to increase the satisfaction you feel.

2. G-Spot Vibrator

A g-spot vibrator is designed to curve so that it hits the G-spot inside of your body. The mysterious G-spot is an area on the front side of your vaginal wall that pleases you. The G-spot is the inside portion of your clitoris, which is why hitting it can be so pleasurable. With the G-spot, you will enjoy more of a rolling feeling of pleasure instead of just one big climax. If you want to extend your pleasure, this is a great toy to do so with.

3. Clitoris Sucker

If you like the feeling of oral sex, you may want to try a clitoris sucker. This type of toy is designed to try and mimic the feeling of oral sex. It provides a gentle sucking and pulsating feeling to your clitoris, allowing you to enjoy some of the feelings that you may get if a partner was actually sucking on your clitoris with their mouth during oral sex. This is a way to get that feeling all on your own.

4. Dildo

If you are looking for a more traditional sex toy, you can always purchase a dildo. A dildo is designed to look like a penis, although there are now many dildos with modifications that will not remind you of a penis at all. Some dildos are designed to be skin toned, and other dildos are designed to be much brighter and more colourful and don't look like the human penis at all.

You can find dildos in various lengths and widths; all made to enhance your pleasure.

There are just a few of the different types of women's sex toys that you can purchase for play by yourself or with your partner. The more you know yourself, and what you enjoy sexually, the better chance you will have of finding a sex toy that you enjoy as well. Reach out to a company like Sexy Liquidation to learn more about sex toy selections.

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