Ways To Save Money When Shopping

Ways To Save Money When Shopping

17 March 2020
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Everyone who goes shopping wants to get a great deal on the goods they buy. Next time you go shopping, use these tactics to save money whenever you make a purchase.

Monitor Prices for Sales

First, try to time your shopping for when a retailer is having a major sale or promotion. This isn't possible with every purchase, as sometimes you can't wait to buy a product. If you're able to wait until an item goes on sale, however, you can shave quite a lot off of the normal price.

The most effective way to identify sales is to monitor how much the product you want costs on a daily or weekly basis. If you watch price trends for a little while, you'll know what a truly good sale price is.

Use Manufacturer and Retailer Coupons

Second, use coupons whenever possible to save even more. The savings you realize can be especially significant if you combine coupons with sales, as the savings from each can often stack on top of each other.

As you look for coupons to use, check for both manufacturer and retailer coupons. Manufacturer coupons offer a discount that the manufacturer will reimburse the retailer for, so almost all retailers honor these. Some retailers offer their own coupons as well, which can provide even more savings.

Take Advantage of Cashback Programs

Third, take advantage of any cashback programs that you're able to. What programs you qualify for depends on where you're shopping, what credit and debit cards you have, and whether you have any other savings-oriented memberships.

Cashback programs won't decrease the price of your initial purchase, but they'll give you a portion of the sale back after a certain period of time. For example, a program might give you 5 percent of the purchase price back as a reward after two months. Most programs require you to wait until the return period is over before you can claim the cashback reward.

Check for Rebate Offers

Rebates are similar to cashback programs, except they're offered by the manufacturer rather than as a credit card or as part of a membership program. A rebate will provide you with a certain amount back if you purchase a specific good and send in the necessary paperwork. Sometimes, you have to purchase a minimum quantity of a particular product.

If you have a rebate to use, make sure you fill out all of the paperwork properly so that you'll get the full rebate quickly. Any missing information could lead to a delay in processing.

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