Smart Promotional Products That Can Help You To Promote Your Essential Oils Company

Smart Promotional Products That Can Help You To Promote Your Essential Oils Company

26 October 2019
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As someone who has a membership in an essential oils company, you'll get a lot of guidance from the company about how to effectively sell your products to people you know — and even those whom you don't know. You also have a lot of freedom to take your own approach to selling, which means that you can be as creative as you want. One thing that can be advantageous to try is to get some promotional products made up. Because you're an independent distributor, you don't have to get anyone to approve these products, which is favorable. Here are some smart promo products to consider:


In today's age, it's extremely easy to get custom T-shirts printed that look highly professional, as there are many online companies that allow you to submit designs that they can print onto all sorts of apparel. Think of some catchy slogans that relate to your love of essential oils, and then hire a local graphic artist to turn your words into a design. You can then get some T-shirts made up and wear them both to events that you're holding to promote yourself, as well as just during everyday life. A catchy slogan can be enough to have someone stop you and ask you about the shirt, which gives you an opportunity to discuss the oils.

Travel Mug

If you're a coffee or tea drinker, you probably use a travel mug daily. Consider getting a custom travel mug made up — often, the same company that produces your T-shirts can print slogans and images onto travel mugs. You may want to choose the same slogan that you get on your shirt, or you could alternatively choose something different. Carry this mug with you, and you might be surprised at how many people ask you about it, whether you're at your day job or watching your child's sporting event with other parents in the evening.

Usage Cards

Consider taking some of the information that you know about each of the essential oils that you sell and have it printed on cards. When someone in your social circle buys one of your bottles, or simply inquires about it, you can share one of these cards with him or her. Ideally, the person will keep the card handy to stay informed about the many uses of the oil, and this could mean that other people in that person's life see him or her reading the card — and then ask about it. Each of these strategies has the potential to help you sell more oil, as well as recruit other sellers to work on your team.

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