Are You Giving Your Wife Jewelry For Valentine's Day?

Are You Giving Your Wife Jewelry For Valentine's Day?

21 January 2019
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Do you sometimes wish that Valentine's Day was later in the year? After all, you have more than likely already spent quite a bit of money on Christmas presents, and now February is right around the corner. Life just isn't always fair, right? And knowing that your wife absolutely loves jewelry might put additional stress on your wallet. From giving your wife a sentimental gift to arranging for jewelry repair, here are some ideas that might help you. 

A Sentimental Gift - Of course, if money isn't an object, you can probably shop at an expensive jewelry store and buy your wife anything in the store. However, if you are still recovering from your Christmas shopping, or if you are simply on a tight budget all the time, consider giving your wife an article of jewelry that has sentimental value to it. By doing so, you might not have to spend a single penny at an actual store.

For example, perhaps your mother, your grandmother or an aunt has forever told you that she has jewelry she would be willing to part with because your wife is special to her, too. Maybe your mother is willing to part with the pearl necklace she wore on her wedding day. Or, your grandmother may not wear a ring she received from her parents when she had a special celebration. Whatever piece of jewelry you are lucky to receive from a family member will more than likely become a treasure to your wife. After all, it's a double gift, isn't it? A gift from you because you love her, and a gift from a family member to show total acceptance into your family.

Jewelry Repair - If the article of jewelry you are lucky enough to give your wife on Valentine's Day needs repair, don't worry about that. Take it to a jewelry repair shop where experts will have the training and the experience to make the piece of jewelry like new. For example, the pearl necklace might have a damaged clasp. If that's the case, the jewelry repair worker will more than likely be able to find the exact right replacement clasp that was used when the pearl necklace was designed years ago.

Perhaps all that is needed on a ring is for it to be sized again. Not a problem at all, except that you'll have to be clever about finding out your wife's actual ring size. White the jewelry repair will cost money, it probably will be very affordable. And, when your wife receives her heirloom gift, the jewelry repair cost will probably be some of the best money you have spent in a long time. 

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