3 Different Types Of Industrial Filter Bags

3 Different Types Of Industrial Filter Bags

4 October 2017
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Many different types of equipment use filter bags. Filters are essential to the performance of numerous types of industrial equipment. If you have industrial equipment that uses a filter, it is important that you buy filter bags that are right for your machine. 

#1 Felt Filter Bags

If you have a piece of equipment that uses an open filtration system or a vessel filtration system, a felt filter bag is most likely the best choice for your system. Felt filter bags are specifically designed to be able to hold larger solid loads. They can hold more solid material than other types of filter bags without getting stressed out or damaged. Felt filter bags are also specifically designed to prevent water from bypassing through the filter around the seam. The seam is welded onto the filter bag to ensure that nothing is able to slip past the area where the filter bag connects with your equipment.

#2 Polyweld Filter Bags

If you need a filter bag that is not going to let anything through it, than polyweld filter bags may be the best choice for your industrial equipment. THey are welded together so that no liquid will get through the bags, even through the tinest needle hole. They have a glazed finish on them. This glazed finish helps eliminate fiber migration. By eliminating fiber migration, you can get clearer and better filter results for your machinery. 

Polyweld filter bags are also designed to be compliant with FDA regulations and standards. That means that polyweld filter bags can be used with food equipment. In addition, polyweld filter bags come in a variety of different materials, such as polyester, polypropylene and felt. This allows polyweld filter bags to be used with a wide range of products, which means you can potentially purchase the same filter in bulk for multiple products. 

#3 Extended Life Filter Bags

Extended life filter bags are great for filtering out particles that come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. If you know that you need to filter lots of particles that will vary in size, extended life filter bags are specifically designed for that purpose. They have a coarse inner layer and the sizes of the pores are graded. These design elements are one of the reasons why extended life filter bags work so well at filtering out different sized particles.

They are also designed to hold more material than traditional bags. That means that you don't have to change out the filters as often. The expanded capacity of the filter to hold material is also a plus for equipment that goes through filters at a fast rate.

Before you purchase an industrial filter, figure out if the filter needs to be FDA compliant first. Then, find a filter that is able to filter out the type of particles and amount of debris that your equipment produces on a regular basis.  

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