Four Steps To Storing Your Items When You Have To Downsize Your Closet

Four Steps To Storing Your Items When You Have To Downsize Your Closet

22 September 2017
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There are a number of reasons why you may feel the need to downgrade your living quarters. Moving to a fancier area in the city or a luxury apartment often means that you may need to settle for less square footage. If location over space is your preference, you may need to downgrade your closet as well. When you are trying to adjust to a smaller closet, there are some things that you can do to keep your clothes orderly and in good condition. 

Purchase garment bags

If you have formal clothing or expensive wears, it is a good idea to protect them. With a small closet, this is even more necessary. Purchase zip-up garment bags for your closet. Be sure to gather a number of sizes, for both jackets and for full-length dresses or suits. Put any clothing that needs good protection inside of these bags and keep them zipped. This will protect from dirt, months, scents, and spills that happen in your closet. 

Build shoe shelving

If there is not much walking space inside of your closet, the last thing that you should do is clutter the closet floor with shoes. Instead, build floating shelves or set up a bookcase that can serve to hold all of your shoes. EIther put this inside of your closet or put it directly outside of your closet. This will allow you to keep the space in the closet free for walking or to keep temporary items as necessary. 

Shop for a new dresser

If possible, you should seek out a dresser that can side inside of your closet. Be sure that the dresser width is equal to or less than the width of the closet so that the doors can be closed. A short closet will give you space to put shirts, undergarments, and any other small items without using the rest of the space around your small home. This closet space can be slide into the center of the closet, with short items hanging above so that access is not obscured in any way.  

Debulk your hangers

One item that you should downsize for your closet is also your hangers. Bulky plastic or wood hangers should be traded for slim hangers that are lined in velvet or silk. These hangers will take up less space themselves and they will also help to keep your clothing smooth and flat. This can keep your creases and keep plenty of available space. 

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